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buy-isagenix-australiaWhy are many New Zealanders reaching their goals with isagenix? Because it works! There are a large number of isagenix reviews in New Zealand across review sites, forums, blogs and more. On this page I have pulled together a number of these isagenix reviews to showcase the success of isagenix products and how they are helping New Zealanders and others around the world maintain a healthy weight, increase energy and feel younger!

Isagenix Reviews and Case Studies

Below are reviews from isagenix users who have lost more than 50kg while using isagenix products. A picture is worth a thousand words so check out the transformations below!


“Before, I couldn’t jump, run or climb the stairs,” says Amber. “Now that I’ve got the weight off and the nutrition from Isagenix, I can do it all. I’m in better shape now than in high school!”   amber-before-after


“if you like the old you, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want to see the new you, get with the program, make a commitment and go for it. You’ll be amazed.”


“Just a few years ago I could hardly tie my own shoes. Now I’m preparing for a triathlon and am in the best shape of my life. My passion is to help others regain their spirits so we can all get busy living.” 


“My three kids love the IsaLean® Shakes and bars, SlimCakes® and the IsaKids® Essentials,” says Sandra. “It’s easier for me now to feel confident that they’re starting their days off with nutrition.”  sandra-before-after

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30-Day Cleansing Program – Most Popular!

9-day-cleanse Your Path to Healthy Weight Loss and Whole-Body Health.

The 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program is ideal if you want a long-term, flexible program designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities.

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Below is a selection of additional isagenix reviews from These reviews are from Kiwi’s who are experiencing fantastic results using isagenix!

I sincerely love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2014

I have felt better than I ever remember feeling after doing the isagenix program and especially the cleanse for life. I have done 4 2 day cleanses, I love the drink (i have the 2 scoops with 800ml water) and that makes me feel full and gives me lots of energy… at eh end of the 2 days I really do feel like sinking my teeth into something but the deep cleanse results are worth it and I certainly don’t feel like I’m starting at all!

Energy Plus

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2014

I started on the 30 day cleanse and was pessimistic about the reviews that I had seen. I am now at day 15 and feel great so much energy through out the day and no mid afternoon energy low, works for me and the loss of 6kgs is also a great bonus.

My life saver, very essential

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2014

Cleansing your body never been so easy by following the steps, the cleanse for life tastes good and cleanse your body at a cellular level getting rid of visceral fat, leaving your body nourished and replenished! I believe every word as I personally experienced it! I recommend it to everyone seeking weight loss, energy and youthful ageing.

Great Products that really work.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2011

I had been struggling with trying to lose weight for a few years now and I have tried almost every diet and weight loss program around with not much success. I recently found a site with a whole lot of great information about Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing. I purchased the 30 day program from the site and within the first 2 weeks I have already lost 8kg which is awesome.

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9-day-cleanse Jump-Start Your Health
Managing your caloric intake whilst providing nutrition becomes easy and enjoyable with a delicious wave of nutrients from IsaLeanTM Shakes. These products support healthy energy, help satisfy hunger and are invaluable for helping you reach and maintain your target weight.

More Isagenix Reviews from Top Income Earners

Did you know that isagenix offers an amazing opportunity to run your own business and make money?

Isagenix can help you obtain the lifestyle you have always wanted, work from home, free up your life and make a weekly, residual income, just from sharing your Isagenix experience with others.

Ben Kelly

Ben comes from a rich pedigree of Isagenix associates. Both of Ben’s sisters are amongst the top handful of Isagenix income earners for their age (worldwide). Ben debunks the popular myth that Isagenix can’t be used to grow significant amounts of lean muscle and is simply a weight loss tool; he has several diets published by Isagenix themselves. This review of Isagenix was written entirely in his own words.

ben-kelly“Before Isagenix I worked in a job I hated more than anything, was in debt up to my ears and had no other choices in life but to continue to work in a job I hated to pay those debts off. Unable to travel and truly enjoy life, which made me extremely depressed and miserable, I was introduced to Isagenix by my sister Peta (one of the world’s top 30 Isagenix income earners) and since starting the business 10 months ago I’ve been able to retire from my job and make a multiple 6 figure residual income that continues to grow. I currently earn 3x what I made in my full time job from anywhere I want and I’m able to travel anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat.

Isagenix is also allowing myself and my sisters to retire our mum and pay off her mortgage. I’ve never been happier and have more than I could have ever asked for out of life. Deciding to start Isagenix has without a doubt been the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Jen and Jono from Queensland

We’re passionate about helping people achieve better health, that’s always been our goal. Now, with Isagenix, we can help people achieve better health AND better wealth so all their dreams, and ours, can become a reality. I love that anyone can do this, all the training is there for you for free, you just have to put the time in.

You don’t need qualifications to do this business. Isagenix is an outstanding opportunity for everybody.”

Angela and Anthony from Queensland

We constantly get bombarded by companies wanting us to sell their products in our gym. There are no other products on our shelves now, only Isagenix. The quality is superior to anything else on the market and we’re building an amazing environment and culture in our business with this company. Isagenix is the buzz in the town!

What I’m most proud of is how many of my clients have now switched from other supplements and protein to using Isagenix. They have gained lean muscle, lost weight and increased their strength. I’ve even got my mum on the program now. She’s lost 8kgs and she’s 68!”

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buy-isagenix-australiaisagenix products can help you lose weight, boost energy and assist with healthy ageing. No matter what goal you have, isagenix have a product that’s right for you. Isagenix uses only the highest quality ingredients and optimal formulas with over 50 nutritional products available to help you meet your body’s nutritional needs, remove toxins and keep you fit and healthy.